Nong Taew, women’s Olympic boxing bronze medal, returns to Udon Thani, her mother tied her wrist to receive a gift

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28 Sep. 2021 6:30 PM.

On September 28, 2021 at 09.30, reporters traveled to the house at 117 Village No. 8, Ban Pa Kao, Phon Sung Subdistrict, Chaiwan District, Udon Thani Province, which is the mother’s home for Nong Taew, Ms. Sudaphon Sisondee, a young Thai boxer. Light weight 60 kg, 2020 Olympic bronze medal boxer and meet Nong Taew and Nong A A close girl friend is talking to a technician who is connecting the wifi to the house. And inside the house, there is also Nang Luan Sisorndee, who is Taew’s mother. is preparing cotton wristbands for daughters who go to build a reputation for family and country

Nong Taew was also prepared. is to bring a bronze medal for the 2020 Olympics to give to the mother along with a gold necklace weighing 2 baht as a gift back on Mother’s Day ago After Nong Taew received a wrist tie from her mother. The person that Nong Taew can’t forget is The first boxing teacher who made Nong Taew succeeded to an Olympic bronze medal. Even if you haven’t reached your dream yet, it’s considered a success to a certain extent. Nong Taew walked to the showcase with a picture of the deceased father Yod. At this point, Nong Taew even spoke to his father in a trembling voice as if he were about to cry. in Isan language that Bo Mi Yang has only come forward with success and the hope that his father wants. The child has succeeded.

Nong Taew Sudaporn said that Nong Taew was born into a poor family. What do you want to do yourself? At first I didn’t think the dream would be this big. I’m very happy to go back to my hometown this time. Due to leave the house for many years But this time, I can’t stay for long. Around 7 Oct. I have to go back. due to having to go back to the boxing training camp As for tomorrow afternoon At home, there will be cooking for relatives.

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