Nonna Cardoner: “My friends and teachers help me a lot at school”

At just 13 years old, Nonna Cardoner from Girona is already doing well. The young actress, sister of fellow actor Nil Cardoner, has just shot The Path, his first feature film. A German film directed by Tobias Wiemann and produced internationally, which last October transformed several locations in the historic center of Besalú and the Old Town of Girona in France in the 1940s.

“It’s been very exciting and intense because it’s my first film. I had the opportunity to visit places I did not know about the Catalan Pyrenees, and also Germany. In addition, I have met many people from the shooting with whom I have befriended “, confesses Cardoner about a shooting that, he hopes, could open up new opportunities in the world of cinema in the future.

The film is inspired by the true story of many German Jewish migrants who escaped the Nazis through the Pyrenees, a fact that has forced Nonna Cardoner to pronounce German correctly. “In the summer I was able to talk online with Jytte (who is the screenwriter) and during filming I had a coach, Saskia, who helped me pronounce German well “, explains the young actress, who made her debut in front of the camera as an actor in the series Red bracelets of Albert Espinosa and Pau Freixas, broadcast by TV3, and in which his brother Nil played one of the leading roles.

Cardoner, who has also had roles in the series Welcome to the family -where he gave life to Sara Garcia- and appearances in the satirical space of TV3 Poland, does not hide the influence that his brother has had when dedicating himself fully to the world of acting. “He influenced me because when he was filming sometimes I accompanied him too or if he did some plays I also liked to go and see him. Now he always encourages me and often helps me prepare the scripts, ”he says.

Not to mention studies

Despite her successful entry into the world of acting, Nonna Cardoner is very clear that she must not forget her studies, although combining the two activities is not always easy, especially when she has to miss classes in order to shoot. “The truth is that I work hard to get good grades and my friends and teachers help me a lot at school,” he says. However, Cardoner also combines acting with ballet, at the Maribel Bover School, and singing, in the youth section of the Geriona Choir.

Cardoner’s versatility was demonstrated last year when, on her own, she presented the gala Catalonia raises the curtain, which kicks off the Catalan theatrical season. Regarding the possibility of presenting a television program in the future, the young actress confesses that she does not rule it out and that it would be a “very fun” experience.

As for her film preferences, Nonna Cardoner pulls from classics and confesses that Forrest Gump is one of his favorite movies. He also pulls classics when it comes to choosing a TV series and stays with the legendary comedy Location Bruts, starring Joel Joan and Jordi Sánchez and broadcast by TV3.


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