Nord Stream 2: Scholz offers the USA to build liquefied gas terminals

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Scholz offers the USA the construction of liquid gas terminals

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A tanker for liquefied petroleum gas (LNG).  Terminals are necessary so that such ships can call at Germany

A tanker for liquefied petroleum gas (LNG). Terminals are necessary so that such ships can call at Germany


With an offer worth billions, Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) tried to break the US resistance to Nord Stream 2. The Vice Chancellor announced the construction of two liquid gas terminals on the North Sea. An answer is still pending.

Dhe USA is threatening sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) tried to avert this by offering a billion-dollar investment.

As the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” reports, Scholz (SPD) submitted a proposal to his US counterpart Steven Mnuchin, first orally and later also in writing, that Germany was ready to finance the construction of two special ports for the import of liquefied gas.

A spokesman for the finance ministry refused to comment on the report. “I have no news to share.” In the written proposal, which, according to “Zeit”, went to Washington on August 7, the federal government promised up to one billion euros for the terminal buildings.

For the billions in investment in the special ports, however, the federal government is demanding far-reaching concessions from the US government. “In return, the USA will allow the unhindered completion and operation of Nord Stream 2,” says the written proposal from Berlin. “The existing legal possibilities for sanctions are not exhausted.”

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In July, the US government threatened to penalize companies involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2. One of the reasons for the American resistance is that US President Donald Trump wants to sell American gas to Germany. This requires the construction of several terminals. US companies want to export American gas to Germany via the terminals in the ports of Brunsbüttel and Wilhelmshaven.

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Dispute over Nord Stream 2

On September 24th and 25th, the EU heads of state will also discuss the future of the pipeline at their summit meeting in Brussels. After the poison attack on the Russian oppositionist Alexej Navalny, various politicians of the Union parties called for a construction freeze on Nord Stream 2.


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