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In commemoration of VIORO’s 15th anniversary, iNext GE will carry out a limited project of the NORDIC FEELING Tenjin store, which has a real store on the 5th floor of VIORO, from September 1st (Wednesday) to 30th (Thursday).

Get an original sticker

During the period, original stickers will be presented to those who visit the store. The sticker has a size that fits in the clear case of a smartphone, and the shop color Nordic blue has a gentle atmosphere.

Recycled nylon strap gifts

In addition, since the Scandinavian Swedish watch brand “TRIWA” is introduced on the special page of “VIORO’s SDGs” currently open on the VIORO official website, the store has prepared a special campaign for “TRIWA”.

During the period, the first 15 people who purchased “TRIWA” will be presented with a recycled nylon strap for replacement.

Details are being posted on the NORDIC FEELING Tenjin store’s Instagram account and Twitter account at any time.


[TRIWA]TIME FOR PEACE is a series of watches made from “Humanium Metal”, a metal made by melting and hardening illegal firearms. It was created by an activity called “Humanium Metal Initiative” launched by the NPO “IM Swedish Development Partner”, which has been promoting activities to eradicate violence with weapons since 1938. The collaboration watch of Humanium Metal x TRIWA is named “TIME FOR PEACE” and donates a part of the proceeds to help the reconstruction of the area torn by the conflict and to help the victims injured by weapons. ..


[TRIWA]TIME FOR OCEANS is a watch created by reusing plastic waste from the sea. The case and strap used in the watch are made from 100% recycled marine plastic manufactured by #tide ocean material in Switzerland. It will go on sale in 2020, and about 10,000 watches, which are equivalent to about 20,000 PET bottles, have been sold, contributing to the purification of the sea.

Check out the limited edition at the NORDIC FEELING Tenjin store.


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