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Francisco Castillo | UNO Agency


This Friday the North Central Prosecutor’s Office reformed Humberto Baeza Fernández, better known as Tito Fernández.

Let us remember that the well-known artist was formalized for various crimes of own rape and also for sexual abuse.

According to sources Radio, the author of songs like La casa nueva and El mañungo was reformed by the persecuting entity not to impute another crime, but to specify facts.

It should be noted that a few months ago the precautionary measure of preventive detention was revoked, so that up to now there are no precautionary measures against him.

Meanwhile, a dismissal hearing in this case for December 21 at 9:00.

The case

Fernández, 77, is being charged with three crimes of repeated sexual abuse and three of his own rape, which would have occurred between 2010 and 2016.

“These events have occurred since 2010, in circumstances where the victims attend the Comprehensive Center for Metaphysical Studies, CIEM, of the district of Santiago Centro, where the accused was a leader or ‘teacher’ ”, explained to La Radio in August past Mariela Cid, prosecutor of the North Central Prosecutor’s Office.

“The victims came due to an emotional vulnerability that they had at that time. They sought to fill or fill a spiritual void they had. It is in these circumstances that the accused takes advantage of this vulnerability and of the power he exercised in the center and commits the crimes for which he was formalized, “he added.


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