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The sub-director planted a “feng shui tree” for three months and was promoted, but the original unit suffered frequent disasters. Schematic. (This newspaper is synthesized)

2021/10/25 13:20

[Reporter Wang Guanren/Taipei Report]In order to ensure the stability of the area under the jurisdiction, a certain branch director planted “green pine and plum trees” next to the branch when he was in office, hoping to be “relaxed and fine.” The branch director was promoted as he wished, but the original branch did not “Disasters” came out one after another. Some colleagues believe that this is due to the fact that the branch director planted the “feng shui tree”, which may have destroyed the original feng shui. Recently, some colleagues even hope that the branch director will remove the “legacy” feng shui tree so that the branch can return to peace. , Aroused much discussion in the police circles.

People familiar with the matter said that in June last year, the sub-director obtained “green pine” through friends in Zhuzihu, Yangmingshan, and “plum trees” transported by friends from Nantou, and planted these two trees on both sides of the branch gate. I hope that the district will be “relaxed”. , It’s okay,” and asked my colleagues to take care of me carefully. Three months after the sub-director planted the “feng shui tree”, he was promoted and transferred to the city district bureau as he wished.

However, since the Feng Shui tree appeared in the branch, there have been cases in the branch that the detective team’s found objects invaded the people’s lost cash, the investigation team leader fell, and the successor leader was revealed to have set foot in a place with female escorts. The gunman “surrendered in scenery” was replaced again, and there were even exaggerated plots such as grass-roots male police forcing the female police to kneel, and they repeatedly appeared on the news page.

The grassroots colleagues believe that after the appearance of the feng shui tree, good fortune only fell on the sub-director. Not only did the colleagues not “ascend the chickens and dogs to the sky,” they were suffering from disasters. Recently, there were even reports of colleagues who wanted to raise funds to transplant two feng shui trees to the sub-director. The unit.

The senior criminal police said that although the “feng shui” matter may not have a scientific basis, most of the police have a mentality of “preferring to have it.” This is why many police stations still put snacks “behave” on duty desks today.

The “green pine” planted by the sub-director. (Photo by reporter Wang Guanren)

The “plum tree” planted by the sub-director. (Photo by reporter Wang Guanren)

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