North Korea fired a missile and sent military planes near the border with the South

North Korea conducted a ballistic missile test in the past two days, fired a wide artillery barrage and sent fighter jets close to the border with South Korea in actions that raised tension on the peninsula.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally oversaw ballistic missile tests in recent weeks, which he presented as tactical nuclear deployment exercises.

A spokesman for north korean army He assured that the military exercises were ordered in response to “provocative” actions by the South Korean artillery near the common border.

The Korean People’s Army (EPC) thus sent “a severe warning to the South Korean military who incite military tension in the front area with reckless action,” the spokesman added, quoted by the North Korean state news agency KCNA.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean Armed Forces indicated for its part that ten North Korean planes were detected 25 kilometers from the border demarcation line at 10:30 p.m. local time on Thursday and 12:30 a.m. on Friday.

North Korean aircraft crossed the “reconnaissance line”, which led to seoul to send several devices to the area, including F-35A fighter planes, according to that report, cited by Yonhap.

Also, North Korea Overnight, it launched 170 artillery rounds off the country’s east and west coasts that Seoul said violated the maritime “defense zone” agreed to in 2018.

The National Security Council of South Korea denounced on Friday a series of “hostile actions” during the night and warned that “these provocations will bring consequences.”

seoul it also imposed its first unilateral sanctions in five years against North Korean individuals and institutions.

“Endless Development”

Thursday, North Korea reported that on Wednesday it had proceeded to launch two long-range strategic cruise missiles.

The projectiles traveled 2,000 kilometers over the sea and hit their targets, he said. KCNAadding that Kim expressed her “great satisfaction” at the test.

It is the latest launch in a series of weapons tests that have heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula and heightened fears that Pyongyang conduct its first nuclear test since 2017.

North Korea said this week that its recent missile tests included “tactical nuclear” exercises to simulate an attack on the South.

Wednesday’s test “means that the North is operating with a tactical nuclear capability on cruise missiles, which are more difficult to detect because of their low-altitude flight,” he explained to the press. AFP Hong Min, from the Korea National Unification Institute.

Following Wednesday’s tests, Kim said North Korea it must “expand the operational sphere of strategic nuclear forces.”

“Kim Jong-un stressed that we should focus all efforts on the endless and accelerated development of the national armed forces for nuclear combat,” he said. KCNA.

For Kim, obtaining tactical nuclear weapons – smaller and lighter, designed for use on the battlefield – is a priority raised in a congress of the communist party in January 2021.

The country revised its nuclear laws in September to allow preemptive strikes, and Kim declared that North Korea it is an “irreversible” nuclear power, which closes the door to a negotiation on its arsenal.

Since then, Seoul, Tokyo and Washington have stepped up joint military exercises, including the deployment of a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that has angered Pyongyang, which sees these maneuvers as an invasion rehearsal. (AFP)


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