North Korea fires ballistic missiles from trains… The actual effect is ‘unknown’

It was confirmed that the ballistic missile fired by North Korea the day before (15th) used a train rather than a vehicle as a launch pad. It is a missile launch method used by Russia following the former Soviet Union, which can be advantageous for simultaneous surprise attacks, but it is evaluated that the effect on the actual battlefield is unknown.

This is Kim Tae-hoon, a defense reporter specializing in defense.


The projectile disclosed by North Korean state media is identical to the improved version of the 2.5-ton warhead Iskander launched in March.

The launch pad used a train instead of a vehicle, but this is the first time that North Korea has publicly launched a train missile.

The launcher was laid down in the armored cargo compartment, then the cargo compartment cover was opened and the shot was erected vertically.

It seems to be intended to neutralize our interception system by moving along the railroad network with a number of missiles and launchers, hiding in a tunnel, and then suddenly appearing and attacking.

North Korea claimed that the train missile operation unit had already been deployed as a railway-mobile missile regiment under the Strategic Force.

[조선중앙TV : 당중앙위원회 비서인 박정천 동지가 철도 기동 미사일 연대의 검열사격 훈련을 지도한….]

Park Jeong-cheon, a former North Korean general chief of staff, said, “The firing drills were conducted in accordance with the strategic and tactical design.”

Our military is keeping a close eye on North Korea’s various launch platforms, including train missiles.

[김준락/합참 공보실장 : 북한이 다양한 이동식 발사대를 지속 개발하고 있는 것으로 평가하고 있습니다.]

An official from the military analyzed, “Train missiles are a vulnerable weapon to the battlefield environment on the Korean Peninsula because the movement of the missiles is limited to the rail network, and the movement of special trains is not difficult to identify.”


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