North Korean hackers stole millions of dollars from virtual entities to finance the regime’s missile program

Kim Jong-un, North Korean dictator, watches a missile launch

An “army” of hackers from the North Korean regime stole hundreds of millions of dollars online for much of 2020 to fund the country’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs., which is a violation of international law.

As reported on Tuesday by the American chain CNN, A confidential United Nations report has determined that the Kim Jong-un dictatorship ordered “operations against financial institutions and virtual exchange houses” online to pay for weapons and keep North Korea’s economy afloat.

Hackers stole virtual assets worth $ 316.4 million between 2019 and November 2020, according to the document.

The report also alleges that North Korea “produced fissile material, maintained nuclear facilities, and upgraded its ballistic missile infrastructure” while continuing to “seek material and technology for these programs abroad,” according to CNN.

Kim Jong-un’s regime has for years sought to develop nuclear weapons and advanced missiles to match them., despite its immense cost and the fact that such a search has led the hermetic country to receive heavy sanctions from the UN.

UN experts warned that North Korea is “very likely” to mount a nuclear device on a ballistic missile of any range (KCNA VIA KNS / AFP)

The United Nations researchers, who cite sources from a country they do not identify, consider that it is “very likely” that North Korea can mount a nuclear device on a ballistic missile of any range.

However, it is not yet possible to determine whether these missiles could successfully re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. “The member state, however, said it was unclear whether North Korea developed ballistic missiles that are resistant to the heat it generates during the time they re-enter the atmosphere.”The panel explained.

The report was written by the UN Panel of Experts on North Korea, the body charged with monitoring the application and effectiveness of the sanctions imposed against the Kim Jong-un regime as punishment for the development of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. .

Details of the report, which is currently confidential, were obtained by CNN through a diplomatic source at the United Nations Security Council, who shared parts of the document on condition of anonymity.

The Panel’s report is comprised of information received from UN member countries, intelligence agencies, the media and those fleeing the country, not North Korea itself.

North Korean hackers stole virtual assets worth 316.4 million dollars (Photo: special)

North Korean hackers stole virtual assets worth 316.4 million dollars (Photo: special)

The chain points out that it is not clear when this report will be published, but recalls that previous leaks have annoyed China and Russia, both members of the UN Security Council, which has caused diplomatic clashes in the body and delays in the time. to know these reports.

The North Korean regime has unveiled numerous models of new ballistic missiles in recent months. They are bigger or easier to move and shoot than the previous ones. At a military parade in Pyongyang in October, he displayed a huge intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that appeared to be the world’s largest land-transportable missile. It also appeared to be capable of housing multiple missile heads.

The panel also analyzed drones displayed by North Korea during the October parade. He identified them as “Mavic 2 Pro type” and said they were manufactured by Chinese company SZ DJI Technology Co. Ltd. The company has yet to respond to inquiries from the panel, the document concluded.

Last week a United Nations investigation concluded that Crimes against humanity continue to be committed in North Korea, in a context marked by impunity and in which the international community should intervene to ensure accountability, through the International Criminal Court (TPI) or a Mechanism ‘ad hoc’.

The UN Commission of Inquiry already detected in 2014 that crimes against humanity were being committed in North Korea and, seven years later, he has come to the same conclusion. Thus, it has considered that there are sufficient indications that certify situations of extermination, murder, slavery, imprisonment, sexual abuse, persecution for political reasons and forced disappearance.

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