North Korean official media commented on “Squid Game” “Exposing the corruption of Korean capitalist society and the reality of bullying the weak”-Hong Kong

The South Korean drama “Squid Game” released by Netflix became popular all over the world after it was broadcast. North Korea has always banned people from watching South Korean movies and TV series, but commented on “Squid Game” on its publicity website.

North Korean media Meari (메아리) recently published a comment on South Korea’s “Squid Game”, claiming that the show reveals the reality of the South Korean society under capitalism. It is a TV series that “exposes South Korea’s society where the weak and the strong, the corruption is rampant, and the perverse morality.” The reason “Squid Game” is so popular is that it exposes the reality of extreme competition for survival in the capitalist society and bullies the weak. The report pointed out that “South Korean society is pushing the people to extreme competition, forming a barbaric society.” The commentary on the series formulates competition rules for the weak and the strong, and regards the miserable and bloody killing game as the entertainment of the rich, which will arouse the audience to the society. Unfair anger.

“Squid Game” is an original Netflix South Korean drama, directed and written by Huang Dong Hyuk, the director of the movie “The Furnace”. The plot tells the story of a group of people who are in crisis in reality and are in desperate need of money, who are invited by a mysterious invitation to participate in the game to win a prize of 45.6 billion won. The games among them are traditional games played by Koreans in childhood, such as “One Two Three, Wooden Man”, but once they are lost, the price is death.

source:Yonhap News Agency

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