“North Korea’s Failed Satellite Launch Footage Released: Analysis and Updates”

2023-06-01 00:54:09

North Korea releases footage of launch… Kim Yeo-jung “Soon to enter orbit”


North Korea has released footage of the failed reconnaissance satellite launch through external media.

The launch site appears to be a new launch site, not the existing Seohae Satellite Launch Site.

For more information, we will connect with reporters at the Ministry of Defense.

Reporter Jo Han-dae, please tell me.


Yes, North Korea released the launch scene of the reconnaissance satellite today (the 1st) through the Korean Central News Agency.

The satellite carrier rocket ‘Chollima-1’ carrying the reconnaissance satellite ‘Malligyeong-1’ named by North Korea was flying up with flames.

You have to keep an eye on the launch site.

It was very different from the existing Seohae Satellite Launch Site in Dongchang-ri, North Pyongan Province.

It is believed to be the second launch site, about 3 km away from the existing launch site.

The upper part of the projectile was blunt with a diameter thicker than the body, confirming that the satellite, not the warhead, was mounted.

This projectile crashed because the second-stage engine did not ignite properly after launch, and the wreckage was salvaged by the South Korean military.

North Korea unusually released the photo.

However, North Koreans used external media that they did not have access to.

Speculation is raised that the release of photos of the launch along with North Korea’s rapid admission of failure earlier is intended to emphasize that the projectile is not a weapon system like an intercontinental ballistic missile.


Cho Gi-ja, North Korea’s Vice Minister of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Yeo-jeong, also announced a statement to the United States, which condemned the launch of a reconnaissance satellite. Please tell us about it.


Yes, Vice Minister Kim Yeo-jung refuted that “no one has given the United States the right to stake the sovereign rights of a particular country.”

The United States, which has filled a lot of reconnaissance assets in the sky over the Korean Peninsula, criticized their launch of reconnaissance satellites as “absurd and absurd.”

“We are ready to do anything to protect our sovereign rights and interests,” he said. I did.

“We will never stand by and watch as the United States and its states continue to act recklessly in violating our sovereign rights,” he said.

Kim Yeo-jung said, “I have nothing to talk about and I don’t feel the need to talk” with the United States, etc., who are talking about the “end of the regime” in North Korea.

So far, it has been reported by the Ministry of Defense.

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