Northern Lights – That’s why yr took the wrong weather today

If you were one of those who had taken the weather forecast for good fish and planned a sunny jogging trip at lunch on Monday, it was probably a rather rainy workout.

Shouldn’t it be sunny in Tromsø today?

– It is these low clouds that are not as easy to forecast always that probably appeared in Tromsø this morning, explains on-duty meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute Martin Granerød to Nordlys.

He can further tell that we can expect more sun in the coming days, and if you are inland you are among those who get extra good temperatures.

– It does not look too bad tomorrow, it will be partly cloudy, periods of sun, and temperatures of about 15-16 degrees along the coast. Inland in Troms it will be 18-19 degrees in some places, and on Wednesday it will continue with partly cloudy weather, and some periods of sun, Granerød says.

According to the meteorologist, one can hope for 16 degrees in Tromsø on Wednesday, but we have to cover ourselves with local fog.

– At the end of the week, it will probably be a little more marked by cloudy weather and periods of precipitation. It can be somewhat lower temperatures during the day, down to 14-15 degrees further north, and mostly cloudy.

Is summer coming to an end?

– It is to be hoped that it can get better, today’s forecasts suggest that next week may be nice again. We are still in August, so there can definitely be more nice days.

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