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«In Oslo, street lights are powered by renewable energy. To save energy, the smart lights become dimmer when no one is around. The Norwegian capital, like the rest of the country, is proud of its exceptional green shift. Public transport systems are also powered by completely renewable energy. Two thirds of new cars sold in the city are electric. There is even a motorway for bees ».

The write CNNjournalist Ivana Kottasová introductory, before adding:

“There is only one problem. Much of the environmental innovation that Norway is so proud of is financed by oil money.

Norway is one of the countries that stands out

In the case, Norway is equated with Canada and the United Kingdom, because we “preach sustainability, but at the same time serve what causes climate change”.

They think these three nations stand out. There are many countries that produce fossil fuels despite their commitment to counteracting climate change.

But Norway, Canada and the United Kingdom stand out because they do so at the same time as they position themselves as climate champions, writes CNN.

The action group Extinction Rebellion shows “the elephant in the room” in the streets of Oslo.

Photo: Ole Berg-rest / NTB

In accordance with international agreements, a quarter of countries are only responsible for greenhouse gas emissions in their own territory.

This indicates that Norway, Canada and the United Kingdom do not need to worry about emissions caused by the burning of oil, gas and coal in other cities around the world.

– Not 100 percent sensible

Canada, the United Kingdom and Norway have all set ambitious goals. The United Kingdom and Canada have promised to reduce territorial emissions to net zero by 2050. Norway wishes to be carbon neutral by 2030.

This “net zero” indicates that if they cannot eliminate all emissions completely, they can make up for the difference by removing carbon from the atmosphere, for example by planting more trees.

Professor Niklas Höne, one of the founders of the NewClimate Institute, told CNN that decisions to focus on territorial emissions go far back in the climate negotiations.

– There was a long discussion about doing it this way. The agreement was reached, and it does not cover the issue of exports, or the issue of consumption of goods produced elsewhere. I’m sad, it does not make 100 percent sense, he said.

Norway’s annual domestic emissions reached around 53 million tonnes in 2017. Emissions from oil and gas that Norway sold abroad reached approximately 470 million tonnes in 2017, according to the UN Emissions Report.

Rotevatn with views

CNN has also spoken with Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment Sveinung Rotevatn (V). He has told the channel that Norway’s obligations are based on territorial climate goals.

“Emissions related to the consumption of exported oil and gas products in other countries are covered by the importers’ emissions offices and targets,” he told CNN.

Sveinung Rotevatn

Minister of Climate and Environment, Sveinung Rotevatn.

Photo: Tore Linvollen / NRK

Asked about Norway’s oil and gas export plans, he said:

– Norway strongly supports the transition from use and production of fossil energy to renewable energy.

– New decisions are needed

Canada, Norway and the United Kingdom plan to continue producing fossil fuels, investing in new projects and oil exploration.

If Norway continues to drill as planned, the total emissions will amount to approximately 15 gigatons of CO₂, according to CICERO, a Norwegian climate research institute. It would have “eaten up” 6.5 percent of the oncoming carbon budget for the entire world, writes CNN.

Professor Niklas Höne has told CNN that climate plans cannot stop at emission-cutting targets, but that deadlines should also be set for phasing out fossil fuels.

– So far, only a few small producers have stopped allowing new sites for fossil fuels. Denmark has done so, and such decisions must also take place in Norway, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom as well, he told CNN.

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