Norway restricts Russian fishing boats from entering its ports to three designated ports – Xinhua

Norway restricts access to its ports for Russian fishing vessels to only three designated ports

[#Norway restricts Russian fishing boats from entering its ports# can only call at three designated ports]#Norway announced to strengthen port restrictions on Russian fishing boats# The Norwegian government announced on the 6th that it will restrict Russian fishing boats from entering its ports, and Russian fishing boats will be restricted from entering its ports from the 6th Can only call at three designated ports in Norway and be inspected there. Norwegian Foreign Minister Witfelt said at a press conference on the same day that the recent serious developments mean that the Norwegian government needs to further strengthen its precautions, and Norway is closely monitoring Russia’s activities in Norwegian waters and ports to avoid Norway becoming a threat to Russia.” countries of transit for illegal shipments”. Norway is the only country in Europe so far that has not closed its ports to Russian fishing boats.

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