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The NOS finds it irresponsible journalism that broadcaster WNL gives politicians a different role than that of the interviewee in a journalistic program, a NOS spokesperson told when asked. FVD party leader Thierry Baudet was co-host in the broadcast of on Wednesday good morning Netherlands and announced it NOS News as “fakenewsjournaal”.

“Especially at a time when facts and opinions are increasingly intertwined, as a public broadcaster you should not create confusion and be crystal clear about your role in our society. That we also live in a time when NOS reporters are being treated aggressively by people who Accusing us of making fake news makes this incident extra bitter for us. “

good morning Netherlands immediately after Baudet’s statement announced that he would distance himself from his statements.

Every morning in the run-up to the elections, the program invites a party leader of a political party to present the current affairs program together.

Just before switching to it NOS News at 7.30 am the party leader of the Forum for Democracy introduced the program with the words “fakenewsjournaal”.

Presenter Maaike Timmerman spoke Baudet later on that. “Journalists are being threatened, people from the NOS can no longer just go anywhere with their logo. They are being attacked”, says Timmerman.

Baudet said: “If I think that the NOS and the NPO are biased and always tell the same frames and stories, then that cannot be explained in any way.” But according to him, his words should not be interpreted in such a way to harm anyone.


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