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Not a Disney Dreamlight Valley fan? Here are 6 essential games from the Walt Disney universe not to be missed!

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Game News Not a Disney Dreamlight Valley fan? Here are 6 essential games from the Walt Disney universe not to be missed!

If Disney Dreamlight Valley takes all the light today, it is not the only video game offering you to venture into the land of Disney cartoons, far from it. Here is a selection of 6 old and new games to (re)discover if you like Mickey, Rapunzel and the others.

Not long ago, Gameloft launched early access to its Animal Crossing-Like in the world of Disney cartoons: Disney Dreamlight Valley. If the game, due to early access, still needs to be refined, it has already attracted over a million players and addicted thousands among them. No doubt you have tried it yourself. But maybe optimization concerns or the very concept of the game left you unmoved. However, the Dreamlight Valley wave may have made you want to rediscover the atmosphere of your childhood cartoons. Fortunately, there are a plethora of games of different genres in the Disney universe. Here is a selection of 6 must-haves to fall back on.


  • 6 games to discover if you like the Disney universe
    • Aladdin
    • Castle of Illusion
    • Disneyland Adventures
    • Disney Mirrorverse
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • DuckTales
  • But also

6 games to discover if you like the Disney universe


If the Disney games marked the 90s, we won’t come back to each of them (it would deserve a selection in its own right). The goal is to provide a roundup of Disney games, old and new, that are still easily playable today.


In the 90s, there were a lot of platform games. Among them, there are many games adapted from the various Disney cartoons. The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Aladdin… Everyone passes by there. And the game adapted from the last film mentioned particularly marked the spirits. Signed Virgin Interactive, this iconic platformer was released in 1993 on the Mega Drive. For the time, the graphics and animation are particularly well done. Add to that some striking musical themes and you have one of the most iconic Disney games of this period. It is not surprising that it is still regularly reissued, such as via the Disney Classic Games Collection : The Jungle Book, Aladdin and The Lion King which allows you to (re)discover Aladdin and two other classics on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Castle of Illusion

We stay on the side of the Mega Drive, which hosted most of the Disney classics at the time. “Why ?”, you may be wondering. At the time, Nintendo won the hearts of children with its Mario. So much so that the plumber with the mustache is on the way to becoming the most famous fictional character and appreciated by the youngest. Which bothers two giants of the cultural industry: Disney and SEGA. The two therefore decide to join forces and this is how Mickey, Donald Duck and then the others invade the Mega Drive. And this fruitful collaboration is sealed with a game featuring Disney’s emblematic mouse: Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse in 1990 (which will be followed by World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in 1992). If the formula of this platformer is quite classic, it is nonetheless a must-have that marked the childhood of many players. A remake is still available for sale on PC and mobile.

Disneyland Adventures

We totally change gender with Disneyland Adventures. As its name suggests, this game originally released in 2011 does not take you to the movies of your childhood, but to Disneyland Park. In the program : exploration, mini-games galore based on the various attractions (from Peter Pan to Frozen) and of course the magical world of Disney. Rather intended for a young audience, it is an interesting way to meet the heroes of your favorite cartoons. Originally planned to be played using the Kinect, the game was entitled to a remaster version allowing play without this accessory. Note that the 2017 Xbox One and PC remaster was developed by Asobo, the French studio which is currently preparing A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Disney Mirrorverse

We continue with a very recent game available only on mobile (iOS and Android), and free-to-play moreover: Disney Mirrorverse This time it’s an action-RPG bringing together the heroes of the most iconic Disney and Pixar animated films. From Woody to Wrath, including Snow White, Captain Hook, Elsa and Baymax, everyone is on board for an action-packed adventure. It takes place in a parallel universe, the famous Mirrorverse, where the stories of your childhood have taken another path. In addition, a major threat is at work there: the Broken. Gathering into teams of three, the heroes of the Disney/Pixar films have the daunting task of having to annihilate them in real-time battles (or on automatic if you wish) exploiting their combat styles and abilities. If you find Disney Dreamlight Valley a little soft, Disney Mirrorverse can be a good alternative.

Kingdom Hearts

How to talk about Disney video games without mentioning the Kingdom Hearts license? It is now one of Square Enix’s flagship licenses and the most advanced game related to the Disney universe. It all started with a meeting in an elevator between Shinji Hashimoto and a Disney producer. We are in February 2000 and from a simple discussion was born the Kingdom Hearts project, directed by Tetsuya Nomura. Two years later, the first game comes out. It is an action-RPG taking place in a parallel world mixing the universes of Disney and Square Enix (Final Fantasy). Kingdom Hearts takes us to different worlds inspired by the cartoons of our childhood. At the time, the proposal was crazy and seduced many players. So that Kingdom Hearts will become an important license, sold more than 20 million copies worldwide (November 2013). It is undeniably a staple of Disney games.


Want more old-school platforming? Finally, we offer you a new jump in time with DuckTales: Scrooge McDuck. This time, we leave Mickey aside to focus on a new hero: Balthazar Scrooge and his band. In the program : five side-scrolling levels taking us to a different region of the world each time. Scrooge obliges, the goal is to collect treasures of great value. Note that this is not the best known game featuring webbed feet. Two years later, QuackShot starring Donald Duck arrives, plunging Donald Duck into the skin of a sort of Indiana Jones. But if a remake of the game was in the cards on the side of The Game Atelier, the project had been canceled for lack of rights. which is not the case with DuckTales Remasteredwhich you can now find on PC and mobile.

But also

  • Disney Epic Mickey (2010)
  • Disney Infinity (2013)
  • Goof Troop (1993)
  • Hercule (1997)
  • Mickey Mania (1994)
  • The Magical Quest (1993)
  • Tarzan (1999)
  • Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (1999)
  • And many others…

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