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Not enough electricity! For the first time in Japan, the “Electricity Supply Distress Notice” was released. (File photo,, synthesized by this newspaper.)

2022/06/26 21:13

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Electricity consumption in the Kanto region of Japan has also continued to increase under the high temperature for several days. The Japan Resources and Energy Agency said that the reserve capacity rate under the jurisdiction of Tokyo Electric Power Company is expected to drop below 5% on the 27th. Therefore, Japan Today (26th), the government first published the “Electricity Supply Distress Notice”, calling for energy conservation as soon as possible.

According to the “NHK” report, the Kanto region of Japan was unusually hot on the 26th, and the hot day in the center of Tokyo exceeded 35 degrees Celsius. It is expected that there will be severe high temperatures on the 27th, and the Japan Agency for Natural Resources and Energy stated that the current reserve capacity rate is very embarrassing, and the reserve capacity is expected to be The rate will drop below 5% on the 27th, so the Japanese government announced the “Electricity Supply Distress Notice” for the first time in the jurisdiction of TEPCO today.

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In order to appeal to all sectors of society in advance to save electricity, the Japanese government added the “Electricity Supply and Demand Distress Notice” in May this year. If the reserve capacity rate is expected to be lower than 5% but higher than 3%, the “Power Supply Distress Alert” will be issued at 4 pm the previous day, and if it is lower than 3%, the “Power Supply Distress Alert” will be issued.

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The Japanese government has also called for the increased risk of heat stroke, and requires households and businesses in the TEPCO area to save electricity by turning off unused electrical appliances in the house from 3 pm to 6 pm, while using air conditioners correctly.

The Japanese government first published the “Electricity Supply Distress Notice” today (26th), calling for saving electricity as soon as possible. (file photo)

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