Not found for 24 hours, Mireille (75) was found in Grez-Doiceau

After 24 hours of anguish and intensive search, Mireille, who had disappeared Saturday afternoon in Nethen (Grez-Doiceau), was found. The Grézienne was found on Sunday, around 6 p.m., near Pécrot. Hypothermic but not injured, she was transferred to the Louvain hospital.

Without warning and without taking any business, the septuagenarian had left her home on rue du Peigne D’Or on Saturday afternoon, while her husband was upstairs. A behavior that is not in his habits, according to his relatives. Following this suspicious disappearance, the family immediately launched an appeal on social networks and organized a fight in the woods to try to find the septuagenarian. About fifty Gréziens quickly mobilized to comb the surroundings. The beating continued in vain until 3 a.m.

Sunday morning, the family was able to count on the support of the local police of the Brabant Ardennes, itself reinforced by the “missing persons cell” of the police judicial and civil protection. The device was impressive: twenty police officers, tracking dogs, drones and a helicopter were deployed. At the same time, the inhabitants resumed the beatings from 11 am until 6 pm. They were a hundred in total, according to Ludovic.

The research finally paid off: Mireille was found, very weakened but unharmed, in a cabin in Pécrot. She was taken to the Leuven hospital. The reasons which pushed her to run away are still unclear at the time of this writing, but the family hissed a big sigh of relief this Sunday evening. And would like to thank all the people mobilized during these long 24 hours. “Despite the circumstances and the Covid context, the village came together and it did us a lot of good to see people again. People made soups and pies for those who were looking. We really have an extraordinary village“, greets Ludovic.

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