Not nearly enough – Bonnie Tyler: “You always have to have dreams”

Eternal gratitude
The song titles alone are perfectly tailored to the power woman. Whether the aforementioned “Stronger Than A Man”, “Somebody’s Hero” or the unmistakable “Call Me Thunder” – you can hardly get more Bonnie Tyler than on this album. “At first I found the number ‘Call Me Thunder’ almost a bit too vulgar for me,” she laughs happily again, “I was afraid that people might believe that an old woman who had been hacked would make a 16-year-old, but producer David It calmed me down quickly and in the end it is like that – I feel stronger than any man in this business. “Tyler sees” The Best Is Yet To Come “as an” optimistic, happy and life-affirming “album. The youthful passion for rock’n’roll is unchangeably anchored in her. “I’m still that little girl from Wales who, for some reason, got to work with the best producers, songwriters and musicians. I feel blessed and know very well that I fell on the butter side of life. I will always be grateful for that, because it is anything but self-evident. “

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