“Not reasonable” to want to shift “Black Friday”, according to the president of Medef

The president of Medef Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux estimated Thursday that it was “unreasonable” to want to postpone “Black Friday” while the promotional operation must be held next Friday, judging rather that the solution is to open all shops from November 27.

“Everything is imaginable, but not eight days before. There are supermarkets which have prepared their catalog. (…) We talk a lot about Amazon (…) but there are plenty of French traders who have prepared their promotions, “said the president of Medef on RTL.

“And this should not be a pretext to tell us, we are postponing + Black Friday + so you do not open the 27th, which is perhaps what can take shape behind”, he worried .

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire on Wednesday asked distributors to postpone this promotional operation, Bercy assuring in the wake that this request in no way prejudged the decision on the date of reopening of shops.

For Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, “everyone must be open” on November 27. “I cannot believe that within three days, between December 1 and November 27, it has an epidemic effect,” he said.

The professionals “await a decision of common sense”, he insisted, adding that they are ready to strengthen the sanitary rules in their businesses. For him, the right solution is to harden the gauges of authorized customers at the same time in the stores.

Besides schedule extensions, but which have “a limit”, he also argued that we could think about opening additional Sundays in January.

Beyond the reopening of shops, businesses, especially restaurants and all other closed sectors, expect “a medium-term vision, over three to four months, on healthy cohabitation, a good balance, between economy and health” .

Concerned about a country “on edge”, he considered it important for the government to agree on the restrictions that will continue beyond confinement. “It cannot fall vertically”, he warned, echoing the criticism formulated the day before by the secretary general of the CFDT Laurent Berger.

For restaurants, for example, he proposed that they could reopen provided that customers who want to go there agree to be geolocated.

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