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not so many absent

The absenteeism rate in schools, although very different from one to another, is on average between 8 and 10%.

The students returned to school on January 10.

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The students returned to school on January 10.

Monday, at the end of the first day of school after the Holidays, the Canton of Vaud surveyed eight schools to estimate the absenteeism rate. City and countryside or primary and secondary, all types of establishments are represented in the selected sample.

It shows that the proportion of students absent at the start of the school year was 8% to 10%, a proportion slightly higher than the seasonal norm. As for teachers, it is 6 to 9% on average. But two directions indicated 1%. Regional disparities therefore exist. If in Geneva and elsewhere in Switzerland, replacing teachers has become a headache, in Vaud the situation seems less intense. “It is quite difficult, even very difficult, to find replacements but we can find them for the moment”, explains Julien Schekter, spokesperson for the Department of training, youth and culture (DFJC).

State Councilor Cesla Amarelle also detailed Tuesday the people likely to be involved. “Currently, 10,000 people are in the pool of trained substitute teachers. If that were not to be enough, we would then call on retired teachers, trainees from the HEP, as well as teachers from this Haute École. And, finally, we can also mobilize the employees of the Integration Assistance Service, who are already used to working in the school environment. ”

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