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Not stuck! Check the latest symptoms of covids Omicron vs Delta

According to the Department of Medical Sciences reported strains of COVID-19 that spread in Thailand From November 1, 2021 to December 28, 2021, there were 7,546 infected cases classified by species as Delta, or 90.94%, Beta 2, or 0.02%, and Omicron, 739, or 8.91%

meanwhile Number of Omicron cases in Thailand Since the opening of the country from November 1 to December 29, 64 infection was found.Omikron Total 934 cases, divided into 577 in foreign travelers and 357 infected in the country.

Especially yesterday (Dec 29) increased by 194, divided into 88 from foreign countries, 106 infected in the country. Omicron infections have been found in all health zones. The trend of infection in the country is higher than those who travel to the country. Due to the slowdown in entry into the country

so nowIn Thailand, there is still an epidemic of both Delta and Omicron species. The delta is still the main species in the country’s epidemic. “Bangkok Business” has compiled updates on the latest symptoms of COVID-19 Delta species and omikron species Let the readers explore their own symptoms that are related or at risk of having these types of symptoms or not????

  • Check the symptoms of covids Delta species VS Omikron

start with Symptoms of the Delta strain of covid

  • have a headache
  • sore throat
  • runny
  • Taste loss is rare.
  • common cold-like symptoms
  • If you feel unwell flu-like notice yourself If there are any suspicious symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.

For the fear of infectionCovid-19 Delta species The infestation of delta strains can be easily spread. in a short time According to the data, it only takes 5-10 seconds if they are in the same place. or found infected Infection can spread infection to other people. and can remain airborne for up to 16 hours.

Therefore, if we enter a room without ventilation. which previously had patients with this strain of covid There is still a chance to be infected with this species of covid. It can also be spread in all age groups, especially young children. and from the ability to spread infection easily This makes it possible to increase the number of infected people 10 times every 11 days.

while Symptoms of Omikron that

Information from the Department of Medical Sciences on December 29, 2021 indicates that the symptoms are as follows.

  • cough 54%
  • Sore throat 37%
  • Fever 29%
  • Myalgia 15%
  • 12% mucus
  • 10% headache
  • Difficulty breathing 5%
  • Smell decreased by 2%

  • Difference between omicron and delta

Based on data in the UK, the risk of hospitalization of infected patients was studied.Omikron Decrease compared to delta by speciesdeltaThe chance of being admitted to the hospital is 50% and hospitalization for 1 day or more is 61%, while the Omicron species are hospitalized at 20-25%, and 40-50% for a hospital stay for 1 day or more.

Division of education in South Africa From Oct. 1 to Nov. 30, 2021, the percentage of people infected with Omicron strain had a statistically significant reduction in the percentage of hospital admissions compared to other strains. But the severity was no different. This is because most of the infection is in the trachea rather than the lungs, but when it enters the lungs it can be as severe as the delta.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, a South African physician who contributed to the discovery of the Omicron strain of coronavirus. revealed to the BBC news agency that Omicron coronavirus cases are ‘very rare’, with symptoms including fatigue, headaches and sore throats, but without a loss of smell or taste. Like other strains of the coronavirus

While the Delta species Symptoms are different from other breeds. before as well with less cough and loss of sense of smell and from research in the UK found that the present Many Delta coronavirus cases have headaches and runny noses.

from such symptoms It’s too early to say thatcovid infected personOmikron is worse than Delta. or not as severe as the delta must follow up with medical information and must have clear evidence

  • Everyone must be vaccinated. Protect yourself from the universe

However, what everyone needs to focus on is Vaccination, comprehensive self-defense and the highest preventive measures against covids. Wear a mask properly, wear it all the time, wear it every time you leave the house. have to go to various places, wash hands often, keep social distance and expedite receiving the 3rd needle vaccination to prevent COVID-19no matter what species it is Because even if not all vaccines can prevent 100% infection, but can reduce death and serious illness.

refer : BBC


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