NOT TO BELIEVE! Richard Swing assures that Paolo Guerrero went to the World Cup thanks to him

AMAZING! The eccentric musician Richard Cisneros, better known as Richard Swing, sparked controversy by ensuring that the Peruvian footballer Paolo Guerrero was able to go to the 2018 World Cup in Russia thanks to him.

«I want to answer Doña Peta, with a lot of education, the mother of Paolo Guerrero. Let her remember with all affection that if Paolo has gone to the World Cup it is because of this server. I tell you with all the humility and evidence that I have, “Cisneros told the press.

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Recall that the national striker managed to play for the red and white in the international tournament thanks to the fact that the Federal Court of Switzerland granted a precautionary measure to the Peruvian striker, despite the sanction imposed by the TAS after giving a positive anti-doping test.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating Swing’s irregular contracts with the Ministry of Culture, which he would have achieved due to his closeness to the president Martin Vizcarra.

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In recent days, several audios have circulated where, for example, the president instructing his advisers (Karem Roca Luque, Mirian Morales and Óscar Vásquez) have been circulated to declare to Congress and the Public Ministry that the controversial composer only visited two times Government Palace.

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