Not yet born, the electric plane of the Toulouse start-up Aura Aero is already seducing

“This first letter of intent for our ERA (Electrical Regional Aircraft) aircraft validates part of the contract. These are not firm orders, but it gives us more credibility to raise funds and develop this device, rejoices Jérémy Caussade. This is all the more important since it comes from Amedeo, whose voice counts in the sector. Since the announcement, we have new requests. The president of Aura Aero, the aeronautical start-up founded in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) in 2018, has just announced a pre-order of 200 19-seater electric planes by the American company Amedeo, specializing in aircraft leasing , so far positioned on Airbus and Boeing models.

What to participate in the decarbonization of regional flights

ERA, an electrically powered hybrid aircraft, will be equipped with a turbo generator that can run on sustainable fuels. In the full electric version, it will be able to cover around 400 km against 1,800 km in the hybrid version. What to participate in the decarbonization of regional flights. ERA should make its first flight in 2024. “Our desire is to develop the aircraft which corresponds to the largest possible market. It is better to reduce by 80% the emissions of a significant part of the flights than 100% of a negligible part of the market ”, estimates Jérémy Caussade. By industrializing breakthrough technologies, Aura Aero seems in any case to position itself as a credible player in the electric aviation market.

Six months after the inauguration of the chain of its Integral R aerobatic aircraft, the company is progressing well, assures its chairman. The certification of this two-seater, which is of great interest to flight schools, should take place at the end of 2021 – beginning of 2022 and Aura Aero is working calmly to obtain the approvals to be recognized as an aircraft manufacturer. “We are now more than 80 people and we should reach 100 employees by the end of the year. And the second phase of development, which is the electrification of devices, is underway. The first flight of Integral E, the electric version of the two-seater, should take place in 2022. “

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