Nour Amr Diab reveals the date of her wedding .. and confirms: I have not seen my father since the time of Corona two years ago

Nour Amr Diab revealed, during a live broadcast on her account on the “Instagram” website, that she had chosen her new home in south London, in addition to announcing her marriage next year without specifying a specific date, stressing during the video her dependence on herself and her failure to take advantage of the fame of her father and mother, star Sherine Reda. .

Nour Amr Diab

Nour said in the video: “I will marry in 2022, my fiancé Kieran Woodward, I am very happy with him, and I do not like using the name and fame of my father and mother, but I like that my fans follow me only for myself, and that I ignore the negative criticism directed at me .. My audience asked me to appear with My father, the artist Amr Diab, and soon I will meet the audience’s request soon.”

And she continued, “I moved to my new home in south London, and currently the house is empty of equipment and I don’t have a sofa in the living room, the kitchen is empty, but during the coming period I will furnish the house to my taste.”

She added, “I do not ask for money from my father and I live an independent life, and I make my own money from my work and he is a model, and I have not seen my father since the Corona pandemic two years ago, but I will visit Egypt as soon as possible,” noting that she is a vegetarian character like her mother, Sherine Reda, noting She’s so excited to see her shine at El Gouna Film Festival.

She revealed that she was still fascinated by the Nour Al-Ain song that her father presented to her on the plateau when she was young, saying: “I am thinking of recording a video while I dance the same dance as my father, because this dance is one of my favorite dances, especially since I love dancing in all its forms, especially the sauce.”

Nour said that she can speak five languages, including Arabic and English, and denied that, like her father, she loves to draw tattoos, saying: “I do not like tattoos and do not have any drawing on my body, and I do not like singing, but my sister Jana’s voice is wonderful, and I support her all the time.”

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