Novak Djokovic criticized for Corona after Adria tennis tour

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An artist paints the portrait of Novak Djokovic in Serbia on a wall.
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Novak Djokovic’s charity tournament turns into a disaster. But even before the Corona Gau, his image had suffered considerable damage on the “Adria Tour”. It’s bubbling behind the scenes of tennis.

BNovak Djokovic even reiterated his great apology for the ultimately devastating tennis week in the Balkans. Subtle, but still justifying, his first statement on the Corona outbreak on the “Adria Tour” had sounded last week. The second, just a few hours later, sounded far more repentant. “I am so incredibly sorry that our tournament has caused damage,” said the Serb there.

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Pirmin Clossé

He emphasized again that he had “a pure heart” and “sincere intentions” when organizing his charity event. However, he also stated: “We were wrong, it was too early. I cannot emphasize enough how sorry I am for every single infection. ”In the end, Djokovic was even one of those who had contracted the virus during the tour.



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