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Novartis calls for transparency and sustainability in medicine in the short ‘The same day at the same time’


Novartis has presented the two chapters of the short film ‘The same day at the same time’, in which it aims to reflect how they are “reimagining” medicine in a transparent and sustainable way. A production that is part of the initiative ‘La Huella by Novartis’ with the purpose of showing its social commitment and disseminating its SEE study that assesses the social, environmental and economic impact of the company’s activity in Spain.

The short film can be seen on Amazon Primer Video and is directed by David Pujol and produced by Algobrand and Fishcorb Films. The film tells a love story between Lucía (Miriam Monlleó), Marc (Francesc Ferrer) and Javier (Francesc Orella) with which, through the love triangle of their characters and the different plots that unfold in their wake with
Raúl (Alberto Lozano) as voice and guide of history.

“We are very excited about the arrival of this short film to Amazon Prime Video because it allows us to share with many more people our social commitment and the values ​​that guide the
activity of a company like ours. In recent years, from Novartis and the entire pharmaceutical industry we have been making important efforts to be a much more transparent sector when it comes to explaining how we develop our activity. The results obtained from this SEE exercise allow us to allocate more economic resources to those activities that generate a positive and real impact on society, thus creating a new paradigm regarding the criteria to be taken into account in the decision-making of companies “, Novartis president Jesús Ponce has commented.

Regarding this new paradigm, the company’s financial director Gregorio Oliveira points out that this novelty also has an impact on the language of business. “The language of business is changing. Not only from a financial point of view, not only in our relationship with investors, this paradigm shift goes further and is reflected in our relationship with society. The pharmaceutical industry has come a long way. in recent years in its commitment to ethics, integrity and transparency. We all share that responsibility and this audiovisual production shows that business can have a more emotional and social language. That at Novartis we have it, “he stressed.

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