“Novelskin” dermo-cosmetic products have been a hit since the health crisis

There are some companies for whom the health crisis has had positive effects. This is the case with the Novelskin brand, which markets dermo-cosmetic products for doctors and the general public. Its founder is from Carbonne (Haute-Garonne), where she has set up the brand’s logistics space.

Initially dedicated to healthcare professionals, Novelskin products have also been aimed at the general public in recent years, in particular thanks to the Online Store and to a corner recently opened in Paris.

“Customer demand has been growing since the health crisis. People focused on their image and wanted to take care of their skin more easily. Also, with the wearing of a mask, some people have seen pimples appear on their face. , the skin is drier in particular because of the confinement “, explains Karine Popis-Claude, founder of Novelskin.

New projects underway

Novelskin is currently one of the leaders in aesthetic medicine, in the distribution of international brands (for the treatment of wrinkles, skin spots, for lip augmentation, etc.) The company which has not stopped growing for 10 years now has 30 employees. And other projects are in progress.

“We have recently acquired a French brand and its laboratory, specializing in aesthetic medicine and particularly the treatment of skin spots”, smiles Karine Popis-Claude.

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