November 3 has not ended, according to the new PPD electoral commissioner

For the new electoral commissioner of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Gerardo Antonio “Toñito” Cruz, the electoral process of November 3 has not concluded until the last vote is counted.

“The country always hoped that once the schools were closed in a matter of hours the results would be known. Before and after machines. That did not happen here. I don’t have to convince them, it hasn’t happened. I am very concerned that there is talk of forcing a date of when we start the count when there are possible hundreds of thousands of ballots that we do not know how the voter voted. I need the fellow commissioners to understand that you do not start a scrutiny if this does not know what the end is, today is November 3 at five in the afternoon, “Cruz said at a press conference.

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Today is that day. And if we don’t finish today, it will be tomorrow. And if we don’t finish tomorrow, it will be Monday. November 3 has not ended in Puerto Rico”, He added when ensuring that it is not time to establish dates for the general scrutiny until the end of the vote count corresponding to the day of the event.

Cruz was appointed by the president of the PPD, Carlos “Charlie” Delgado Altieri before the resignation of Nicolás Gautier.

“After holding a conversation with the president of the PPD, Carlos Delgado Altieri, I decided to accept the task of becoming the Electoral Commissioner of the PPD. I accept this assignment with great humility and with the greatest commitment to the Puerto Rican people as well as to the institution of the PPD. I appreciate the management carried out by the past electoral commissioner, Nicolás Gautier Vega. In the same way, I thank the entire electoral team of the PPD for the long and intense hours dedicated to defending our votes.

I want you to know that I come with the best effort to collaborate with the State Elections Commission as well as with the electoral commissioners of the other political parties. I recognize that the CEE that I am arriving at today is different from the one I left in 2008. However, I am ready for the challenges we have to face.

Today I summon the entire team, the one with the best talent, which are those of my party. Thus, I call on former commissioners and the leadership of this party to work in a spirit of harmony, with determination and with the greatest commitment to complete this scrutiny.

Once again, I thank the president of our party, Carlos Delgado Altieri and all those who have approached me for their trust. During the next few days, the complete work agenda will be presented, which is focused on defending the most effective and efficient tool that we have to enforce democracy: the votes, ”said Cruz.


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