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Red Genie lovers await Watching a match Al-Ahly and Enbi broadcast live Today, in particular, the Al-Ahly match against Enppi gained double importance after the fall of the last red genie against the Vanguards of the Egyptian Super Cup, to be the second failure in a row for South African coach Pitso Musimani, who has blamed some for this failure, which comes as the second failure after Al-Ahly’s failure in a competition Zamalek I won the league shield, so today’s match between Al-Ahly and Enppi may be the last for the former coach of the Sundowns team, who was able to achieve distinguished successes with Al-Ahly.

Watch the Al-Ahly and Enppi match, broadcast live, Yalla Shot

Al-Ahly is expected to make some adjustments in its squad today, especially in the front line, which was suffering in front of Enppi, in light of the decline in the returns of the duo, Majdi Qafsha and Muhammad Sharif, in addition to Taher Muhammad Taher’s continued failure to provide the return, which makes him able to reserve a key place in the formation of Al-Ahly and therefore from It is expected that the Mozambican international Luis Miccione will play a prominent role in the formation of Al-Ahly today, in front of Enppi, in addition to Hossam Hassan, who may have a primary or alternative role in the second half, especially since Mohamed Sharif did not convince the children during the confrontation with the Vanguards of the Army, other than missing a penalty kick that made the opponent decide the match. in favor of him.

The match between Al-Ahly and Enppi may witness a surprise on the part of Musimani, by relying on the duo Muhammad Sharif and Hussam Hassan in the basic formation, by employing Muhammad Sharif on the left side and Hussam Hassan as an explicit spearhead while continuing to rely on Majdi Qafsha, although there are some suggestions that support the use of With the services of Ahmed Abdel Qader, the player returning from Smouha of Alexandria after appearing in a distinctive way last season with the Alexandrian team, which makes him able to compete with Majdi Qafsha, especially that Al-Khatib has been keen to talk with Musimani during the recent period to create competition between the players to enter the main formation, after the emergence of a case lax on the part of some players.

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