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Now available CyberSec Pack, the first DLC for The Ascent

Released at the end of last July, The Ascent It soon became a delight for fans of the cyberpunk genre in particular and science fiction in general. Although some time has passed since its premiere, now its managers, the Neon Giant studio, have decided to continue their proposal for strategic and role-playing action. And it is that now it is available CyberSec Pack, The Ascent’s first DLC It is priced at 4.99 euros and includes new weapons and equipment for our characters in order to be more efficient in combat.

Just above these lines you can see a short video that explains some of the elements included in this CyberSec Pack for The Ascent, which has as its main protagonists: NEWT grenade launcher and RECOIL ballistic explosion rifleas well as the GR00P cluster grenade as new tactical gear. The new one armor Included in this first DLC of the Neon Giant game consists of four pieces and focuses on offering comprehensive protection of the medium-advanced type.

The Ascent looks amazing in first person

As you can see, this first paid additional content from The Ascent refers only to the equipment that our characters can wear and has no narrative or playable news. Remember that CyberSec Pack is already available for the price of 4,99 euros and that The Ascent is also on Xbox Series X | S and PC. In addition, the game arrived from launch to Xbox Game Pass and it is still accessible through this service, so if you are a subscriber you will not have to pay any extra amount to start enjoying it.

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