now Diego Santilli if he wants to debate with Victoria Tolosa Paz

© Guido Pietrokovsky

After the results of the Primaries, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory (PASO) and facing the general elections in November, the candidate for national deputy for Juntos in the province of Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli revealed that now he is committed to exchanging ideas with his opponent from the Frente de Todos.

“I have already signed to participate in a debate with Victoria Tolosa Paz”He said this Thursday, while ensuring that he will also debate with the other candidates from the rest of the parties in the race for the general elections on November 14.

And he added: “I have already signed and we are going to be in a debate, which already has a date. Although it is not mandatory, all the candidates that we are going to participate sign that we are going to be. I don’t remember the date well, but it would be October 13 or 20 ”.

As NA learned from Juntos sources, the debate would be on the TN cable channel. Santilli’s decision comes after the intern in the PASO won the radical Facundo Manes.

The candidate also took advantage of the microphone to criticize the decision of the national and Buenos Aires governments to make sanitary measures more flexible. “Overnight it seems the pandemic is over. We went from eternal quarantine to absolute liberation “, he estimated.

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