Now even Sarah shoots Pietro’s love affair – People

Pietro hoped to have found great love in influencer Laura Maria. But nothing seems to come of it.

In just a few weeks, the singer has lived through every phase of the relationship with Laura: The high at the beginning, the first little friction, the sudden separation, the surprising love comeback and then the final end. At least that’s the current status.

The fans of the two continue to hope that their idols will pull together again. The two have already stated that they will continue to be in contact and get along well. Pietro himself even said that there could be another reunification: “I believe that if both sides really want it, it will come that way”.

“I do not think so!”

His ex, Sarah, is rather skeptical. Compared to RTL, she now revealed what she thinks of the relationship between the two. Or rather, whether it can come back to one at all: “I honestly don’t think so.” But then she added: “But I’m not in there either, I think the whole thing is none of my business.” Still, Sarah believes that Pietro will find the right woman at some point.

She herself is on cloud nine with her Julian. The couple got engaged in the summer. Pietro said: “I wish them both the best. Lots and lots of love and lots of healthy children.”

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