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Now Hamilton’s brother breaks the silence – Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton went into hiding after losing the Formula 1 final. Now his brother Nicolas is talking about him and the social media break.

With seven titles, Lewis Hamilton is record world champion in Formula 1 together with Michael Schumacher. Two weeks ago he already had a hand on his eighth – with a dominant lead in the World Cup final, there was a safety car phase, a controversial restart and Max Verstappen caught the Briton the victory and the world title away in the very last race lap.

Mercedes protested against the action of the race management. Unsuccessful. Lewis Hamilton went into hiding. He is not currently commenting on the Abu Dhabi crime thriller or his own future. That makes fans nervous. Because more and more fear now that the 36-year-old could have had enough of the motorsport premier class.

Brother Nicolas on Lewis

Hamilton unfollowed all profiles on Instagram. Even his own brother Nicolas. This now expressed himself on the streaming platform Twitch about Lewis, when questions about the Formula 1 star piled up.

He describes social media as a “very toxic place”, says: “I think he’s just taking a little break, which I can’t blame him for.”

His brief message about the successful brother: “He is fine.”

Mystery of the future of Hamilton

Apparently Nicolas is also anxious to reveal as little as possible about his brother, but does get some information about Lewis. This reassures some fans. Finally, the unrest grew among the supporters of the seven-time champion.

Not least because the votes about an imminent resignation piled up. Bernie Ecclestone is currently suggesting that he let it be. The former Formula 1 boss says Hamilton can only lose if he returns.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff does not want to promise that Hamilton will return – because he cannot. The Viennese said, hopefully: “But I also respect that there isn’t much to talk about at the moment. Each of us deals in our own way with the feelings that concern us at this moment. And I think as a racing driver will be Herz say I have to go on because he is at the peak of his ability. “

The British “Sun” wrote: “It can be heard that Hamilton is devastated just as the title was wrested from him.”

Hamilton’s contract with the Silver Arrows runs until the end of the 2023 season – that would be two more years in Formula 1.

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