Now her colleague is talking about her health

Princess Charlène cannot return to Monaco because of her health. An insider now claims otherwise.

the essentials in brief

  • Princess Charlène cannot go home because of an ENT infection.
  • Relatives said her condition was “fragile”.
  • A colleague of the family now claims the opposite, however.

The state of health of Princess Charlène von Monaco (43) has been causing great concern for months. But now a friend of the family claims: The ex-professional swimmer is not doing that badly.

“To be honest, Charlène is an Olympian and a tough guy,” the woman told People magazine.

The princess is sitting because of an ear, nose and throat infection stuck in South Africa since spring. She only recently suffered also a collapse and had to be operated on. Relatives said Charlène was “weak” and that her condition was “fragile”.

The insider seems to see it differently. According to her, Prince Albert’s wife (63) has a “combative spirit”. In addition, she is anything but a “shy little plant”.

Nanu? Ist an the rumors of the marriage crisis is there anything wrong between the princely couple?

Albert himself claims: no. “She jokingly said that she was ready to return to Europe on a ship as a stowaway,” the prince mentions.

Previously, various media reported that Charlène will soon start her journey home. But whether this actually happens remains to be seen.

Will Princess Charlène ever return to Monaco?


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