Now it goes to the Supreme Court – Trump is far from giving up

The incumbent US president hopes that the conservative “Supreme Court” will prevent him from being voted out of office – probably in vain.

Full of belligerence: US President Donald Trump in the White House this week.

Photo: Keystone

Donald Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis spread the battle cry on Twitter. “Off to the Scotus!” She wrote on Friday afternoon, using the abbreviation for “Supreme Court of the United States”. The Supreme Court now to be called must take the “allegations of massive election fraud” in Pennsylvania seriously.

Ellis responded to a severe judicial defeat. Trump’s team of lawyers was flashed by an appeals court in the fifth-largest US state with the request that the election results of November 3 may not be certified.

“Accusations of a lack of fairness are serious,” wrote Judge Stephanos Bibas in the verdict, which was passed with three votes against zero. But specific allegations and evidence are needed. “Both are missing here.” The verdict had no party-political background: Judge Bibas had been appointed by Trump.

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