Now open ‘KaenKaew Live House’ a new live house hidden on a high floor in the heart of Khon Kaen [PR]

2023-05-29 04:21:26

Now open for service! KaenKaew Live House (Kaen Kaew Live House), a new hangout place in the heart of Khon Kaen. Located on the 28th floor of Ad Lib Khon Kaen Hotel, it is considered the most beautiful live house on the high floor in Khon Kaen. because you can enjoy the night view 360 degree panoramic You can see the city of Khon Kaen all around. Raise the level to make this live house place like a “hidden place”, a secret place that hides the charm.

Comes in the concept of ‘A Harmony of Contrast’, a harmony that is uniquely different on a spacious area There are a variety of sitting corners, both Indoor and Rooftop Bar zones. The interior is decorated with dark wood walls to give a warm mood. Cut with design work through a combination of designs, bringing together the aura of Isaan and modernity seamlessly together. Both the furniture that was used. When looking around, I could see the intention. pay attention to every element Starting from choosing to use colorful lines that overlap differently. Pay attention to the details even on the walls. by decorating with materials that give convex-concave surfaces to play the visual dimension very well

In addition, this live house is a place where the balance of all genres of music is combined. no music genre limitation by the gathering of quality artists at the forefront of Thailand and foreign countries Rotate to perform special and exotic performances than ever before. Designed specifically for this show The first and only place! The kind that can be called a place to release (good) stuff, release the good energy of artists and musicians.

For the opening event Opening KaenKaew Live House, the past was honored by legendary artists. The origin of love songs with a heart-warming style to create color for this live house. By starting with the storytelling through the music of “Nop Ponchamni” and The Story of Nop Ponchamni, weaving stories through the memorable songs of “Nop Ponchamni” in the past, no matter what era it is. Always remembered and warm for this show More special than ever, complete with the concept of Concert with piano, accompanied by the beautiful piano sound of Mod-Phudinan Deesawatmongkhon. A skilled pianist who can impress the whole live house.

Continue with the special that makes everyone envious of those who have seen it. with a special show from Nop Ponchamni & The Groovetomatix Band Feat. Hugo ‘Nop Ponchamni’ with a different comeback. Special with a live performance of jazz music for the first time! Together with all 7 musical talents in the name of The Groovetomatix Band (The Groovetics Band) and meet another surprise with the first Feat. Bakery Music that can be said to have never been performed anywhere before. And here will be the first place to re-arrange new music with a touch of the old music genre that many people miss.

There will also be packed quality shows on the following Friday and Saturday. who will be honored by quality artists who will end up performing for example, on Friday 26 May, Denny Euprasert Quintet Feat.Oil Jira (The Voice Kids Champion) meets with Dr. Den Yuprasert Quintet Joined by Oil Jira Champions The Voice Kids Thailand along with 6 leading Thai musicians, led by Dr. Den Yuprasert (Piano), Oil Kuljira (Vocal), Wasan Sukonthamat (Saxophone), Forest Cherdkiattisak (Guitar), Ongart Kaweekiatkun (Drums) and Thitiwat Triphop (Bass) accompanied by a musical performance that combines the perfect combination of melodies. skillful improvisation and the fusion of standard jazz flawlessly with a modern sound. From his experience on stage with world-class jazz artists such as Benny Golson, Mike Stern, Eric Marienthal, Lee Ritenour, etc.

Continued on Saturday, May 27, meet Flure band (flua) appearing in Khon Kaen in the past 3 years with a fun live performance that many people must miss.

Have fun together for a long time with the next month. Will there be any leading artists? Let’s queue up for some performances. Must follow each other!

KaenKaew Live House (Kaen Kaew Live House) is located on the 28th floor of Ad Lib Khon Kaen Hotel. It is open every Wednesday – Sunday from 5:00 PM – midnight. On weekdays, there will be live music from talented bands alternately. Performed with a very talented DJ. that will provide fun and happiness with music throughout the night You can follow various news on the website. Facebook : KaenKaew Live House For more information and reservations, please contact or call 043 100 555 Email: for special events Tickets can be reserved at Line Official @ KaenKaewLiveHouse or click

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