Now the challenge is that the viche is Cultural and Intangible Heritage

Viche producers dream of a collective brand, just like tequila.

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Viche producers dream of a collective brand, just like tequila.

They passed law. Ministry of Culture works after safeguarding the ancestral drink.

“The Viche Law is already a reality. Now we are going for its recognition as intangible heritage of the Nation.” With these words, the Minister of Culture, Angélica Mayolo, celebrates that the Congress of the Republic has approved the bill by which the viche is recognized, promoted and protected and its derivatives as ancestral and patrimonial drinks of the Afro-Colombian communities of the Pacific. (You may be interested in: Ospina says that if something happens to her life ‘I owe it to María F. Cabal’)

“A drink of Viche or any other distillate of the Afro-Pacific communities that is framed as an ancestral drink, is not considered only a liquor, it is a product that brings with it the history, culture and knowledge of Afro-Colombian medicine, said the representative to the Chamber Jhon Arley Murillo, co-author of the project that gave rise to the Law, with Juan Fernando Reyes. The Minister said that “the Law will provide instruments so that it is possible to produce the viche from the formality, obtain the health records, trademark registrations and, of course, the appellation of origin for protect that production Only the communities of the Pacific coast continue to do it and that they may have strategic partners for the commercialization of this product. “It is expected that as soon as it is sanctioned by President Iván Duque, the Ministers of the Interior, Labor, Commerce and task of designing and implementing a program of promotion of artisanal production and its commercialization. (Read also: A person died after a vehicle overturned through an abyss in Cali)In addition, through the Sena and the Ministry of Education, in conjunction with the Colombian Workshop Schools program of the Ministry of Culture, training programs for the production of this ancestral drink will be consolidated. The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce will be in charge of protect intellectual and industrial property, and commercialize the viche. Invima must create the respective health registry. The Association of Producers and Transformers of the Viche del Pacífico locates it in the communities of Valle, Chocó Nariño and Cauca. The Secretary of Culture of Cali, Ronald Mayorga, said that the consumption of viche has been promoted at the Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival, although the consumption reaches Cali, Buenaventura, Bogotá and Medellín. “From the Viche there have been many derivatives such as the Viche cream, the Tomaseca or the Tumbacatre. We see a potential to generate economic development in our communities and improve their practices. We want the country to know Viche as an intangible cultural heritage and as a Colombian drink ”, emphasized Minister Mayolo. CALI

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