Nozomi Sato, a Japanese YouTuber, was surprised when someone opened the door and called the police after the incident | 4Gamers

Japanese YouTuber Nozomi Sato appeared a bit horrible in the live broadcast yesterday (9). While she was live broadcast, she once saw a hand quietly push open the door of her room, and then quietly closed it when she found someone inside. , Caused quite a stir among Japanese fans.

After the audience reported it, Nozomi Sato inspected the house and said that there was no abnormality, but found that her door was not locked (she went out on the same day), and then it was hurriedly downloaded. Since Nozomi Sato lives alone, and she also mentioned that she has not had a boyfriend for many years, who is the “hand”? Let the audience appear all kinds of speculations and worry about her personal safety.

In addition, although I have not made it public, many fans also know that Nozomi Sato is also one of the popular Vtuber, so this incident is quite a lot of people’s concern. Later, Nozomi Sato said on Twitter that he had called the police and changed the door lock. He would not go out for a short time, and apologized to the fans for causing the commotion.

There have been various accidents in the live broadcast of live broadcasters. There have been many cases in the past, especially live broadcasters in Europe and the United States, including the police rushing into their homes after being maliciously reported to the police,The house was shot、Was falsely reported as a bomber at the airport、Struck by lightning , Even sudden death and other regrets, it can only be said that the live broadcaster is considered a public figure, and he should also pay attention to his personal safety.


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