NSL Foods opens IPO share subscription 11-13 this May, the price is 12 baht per share.

NSL Foods Public Company Limited or NSL Foods Manufacturer – Distributor “Sandwiches like hot” and “bakery” sold in “Seven Eleven” to raise funds in the stock market. Knock the IPO price at 12 baht per share, open for subscription between 11-13 May, entering trading on May 19

On May 9, 2021, the reporter reported that NSL Foods Public Company Limited or NSL Foods, a manufacturer and distributor of hot sandwiches, bakery, snacks, imports and distributes frozen meats and vegetables. Preparing to list the company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

By Somchai Asavapiyanon, President NSL Foods Public Company Limited revealed that the company The company has set a price for offering ordinary shares to the public for the first time (IPO) of 75 million shares at par value (par) of 1.00 baht per share at the subscription price of 12 baht per share, which is considered a price level appropriate to the company’s fundamentals. O. It is a price-to-earnings ratio (P / E) of 17.9 times calculated from the 2020 results, compared with the industry’s P / E of 27.4-32.4 times.

Most recently, the company has signed an appointment agreement with Asia Plus Securities Company Limited to be the underwriter and underwriter. There are four other co-underwriters and underwriters, namely Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited, Globlex Securities Company Limited, Krungthai Seamico Securities Company Limited and RH Securities Company Limited. B (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Mrs. Yodruedee Santatikul Deputy Managing Director Head of Capital Markets Asia Plus Securities Co., Ltd., as the underwriter and underwriter for NSL Foods, said that its IPO pricing at 12 baht / share compared to listed companies in the food and beverage industry on the SET is considered. The price is reasonable and in line with the fundamentals.

The share subscription will be opened between 11-13 May and scheduled to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on May 19, 2021 using the trading abbreviation “NSL” in the food and beverage sector. NSL stocks are highly attractive stocks because they are a food business with investments in line with global trends. Which in the future is likely to grow a lot. “

Mr. Akaradej Liamcharoen, Accounting and Finance Director NSL Foods PCL said that the main goal of raising funds to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. To support the production capacity expansion plan for new projects by constructing a new factory building and machinery worth approximately 350 million baht and having a production capacity to support the production that can generate income up to 1,200 million baht per year.

The factory will be located in the same factory area within the Amata City Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province, the new building is expected to take about 1 year to construct, expected to start construction in 2022 and complete in 2023, which will focus on manufacturing 3 product groups: 1. Frozen ready-to-eat food 2. Ready-to-eat food without refrigeration, such as curries and side dishes, and 3. Semi-finished food.

The IPO will be allocated to 15 million shares of corporate patrons and employees, 7 million institutional investors and 53 million individual shares at the discretion of the supplier.

NSL Foods has a policy of paying dividends to shareholders at the rate of not less than 50% of net profit, however the company may consider paying dividends differently from the established policies. It will depend on the operating results, financial position, financial liquidity. Business expansion Including the economic conditions at that time

At the same time, NSL Foods, together with Asia Plus Securities Co., Ltd., organized a road show for retail investors via FB Live, with many investors paying attention to the Company’s information.

NSL Foods Public Company Limited or NSL Foods, a manufacturer and distributor of hot sandwiches and bakery products sold in 7-Eleven, also has other products in other categories. Many others such as soft bread and whole wheat bread under the brand “Bakery Arigato” are sold in Tops supermarkets and Family Mart “Natural Bites”, healthy snacks “ChiLee”, exotic chili snacks. With innovation that can turn chili into snacks. “Pangtai” Pang Tai, pie sticks and biscuits Including the import of seafood, meat and developing new products. Drill into a restaurant chain Hotels and supermarkets

Currently, NSL Foods PCL is headquartered in Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi Province, which is the location of the Product Research and Development (R&D) Center and has 2 factories located at Amata City Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province. The factory is at Bang Bua Thong. And 1 warehouse in the area of ​​Bang Bua Thong factory To support the food service business

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