Number of corona deaths at its highest level since April

A731 deaths related to Covid-19 disease were registered in Italy on Tuesday. It was the highest number since early April, when Italy was hit by the first wave of Sars-CoV-2 infections. But there were also signs of hope: The curve of registered new infections is rising less steeply than it was a week ago. In the second wave of infections, most of the diseases are recorded in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. There and in six other regions there has been a strict curfew since the beginning of November. All over the country, the people in Italy feel a dull feeling of déjà vu. But unlike the first wave, the south is also affected this time: alarming conditions are reported in the clinics from the regions of Campania and Calabria, especially in the intensive care units and the emergency rooms.

Matthias Rüb

Political correspondent for Italy, the Vatican, Albania and Malta, based in Rome.

The story of Olga Vetere and Vincenzo Molino is told from Monza, northeast of Milan. The couple, 83 and 82 years old, died on Sunday afternoon in the San Gerardo clinic every hour: first Olga around 2 p.m., then Vincenzo. As a granddaughter reported to Italian media, the two came from the southern Italian regions of Apulia and Campania. They got married in the Apulian town of Lucera. They celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary almost two months ago.

The two were put in separate rooms

Shortly after they got married, the two had moved from the poor south to the rich north looking for work. Vincenzo Molino worked for the Falck steel company in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan’s industrial suburb. Wife Olga raised the three children and did the housework. After the children came the grandchildren. Over the years, during the summer holidays, they made regular visits to relatives back home with their children and grandchildren in the south. Later on, it was the relatives from the south who made the long and arduous visit to the north.

Olga and Vincenzo survived the first wave of coronavirus infections in Lombardy, from February to May, unscathed. They also remained cautious during the second wave. They hardly left their apartment in Sesto San Giovanni. Vincenzo did the shopping alone. Granddaughter Katia from Bergamo suspects that her grandfather must have been infected while going to the pharmacy.


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