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Number of Venezuelan migrants requesting refuge grew 8,000%

The number of Venezuelan migrants requesting refuge has grown 8,000% since 2014. / Photo: AFP

The UN Refugee Agency, Acnur, reported that the number of Venezuelan migrants who requested refuge around the world increased by 8,000% since 2014.

The diaspora has become a phenomenon that is discussed in different international forums. In fact, some countries in the region have also shaped public migration policies to have control in accordance with their laws.

This is because, according to UNHCR, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan migrants do not have documentation or permission to stay in different nations. Therefore, access to basic rights and services is limited. Which leads to the appearance of cases of xenophobia, human trafficking and labor exploitation, violence and sexual abuse.

In total, until November of this year, there had been 4.99 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean. While, worldwide, the figure increased to 6.04 million. These data provided by the Interagency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants of Venezuela established by the UN and the International Organization for Migration.

As reviewed by Cnn in Spanish, Colombia and Peru are the countries that concentrate the largest number of Venezuelan migrants, with a total of three million. That is, 1.82 million reside in Colombian territory and 1.29 million in Peru.

The countries that follow are Ecuador with 508,900 migrants and Chile with 448,100 in total.

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