Nunzia De Girolamo candidate with Renzi: the joke of the “Hyenas” to Francesco Boccia

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“But please, what do i ** o need to hear“Are the words of Francesco Boccia, minister of the Regional affairs and autonomy who does not take good news that Matteo Renzi he would candidate the wife and former MP of Forza Italia, Nunzia De Girolamo. It is, however, one joke of the “Hyenas“.

“Would you lend yourself to one crazy thing, reckless, but now Renzi hasn’t done anything with criteria for years “, continues Boccia’s controversy towards his wife:” Does Renzi support a center-right candidate? And so he drops the government next week: this is a verdict. “

The minister just can’t believe the words of the ex-MP of Forza Italia that in the end confesses: “Love, I’m not crazy yet”, and in the living room of the two of them the camera of the Italia 1 program appears.



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