Nur Sajat, Transgender Who Has Umrah Wearing Woman’s Clothes will be Arrested


The Malaysian Syariah High Court issued an arrest warrant against Muhammad Sajjad Kamarus Zaman alias Nur Sajat, because he was absent from the trial which was held on Tuesday (23/2/2021).

Based on sources as quoted from The Star, an arrest warrant was issued by sharia judge Mohammad Khalid Shaee @ Shaee. Nur Sajat, who is known to be transgender, made a scene and became a controversy last year after being caught wearing women’s clothing.

“He (Sajjad) did not appear in court and the judge issued an arrest warrant,” said the source.

The cosmetics businessman should have been scheduled to appear in court at 9:00 a.m. but did not appear until the trial was over. Nur Sajat’s lawyer, Zuri Zabuddin, stated that the trial process would be suspended until June 1, 2021.

Nur Sajat. Photo: Instagram / @ nursajat23

Nur Sajat gets involved in illegal cosmetic cases to dress up as women during Umrah

Nur Sajat several times stumbled into legal problems that made him have to deal with the court. In May 2019, Lucinta Luna’s duet friend was reportedly arrested because her cosmetic brand had a license problem.

The Ministry of Health confiscated at least 19 types of beauty products valued at IDR 34.6 million. He was charged with breaking laws relating to drug and cosmetics regulations, and could face up to three years in prison.

But at that time Nur Sajat pleaded not guilty to possession of 19 illegal cosmetic products. In front of the Johor Baru District Court judge, Nur Sajat read out the petition. The lawyers tried to defend Nur Sajat not to be detained on bail.

no hundredNur Sajat Photo: Instagram / @ nursajat23

This transgender woman was also hit by a tax evasion case in 2018. She is said to have not paid taxes which made her have to deal with the law once again.

The problem involving the name Nur Sajat does not end there. In 2019, Nur Sajat was also caught bumping into sales of beauty products at a mall. He is said to have slapped an SPG multiple times because his assistant had been humiliated.

The latest case occurred in early 2020. Nur Sajat, who was born as a man, became a controversy because she prayed for Umrah wearing Muslim women’s clothing.

Controversy began to emerge after Nur Sajat, whose real name is Muhammad Sajad Kamaruzaman, shared his Umrah moments with his 1.4 million followers on Instagram recently. The post shows Nur Sajat wearing khimar during Umrah.

The New Strait Times reported that based on the Albayt Travel (M) Sdn Bhd document, he had registered for Umrah as a man. Yet when he arrived at the Holy Land, Nur Sajat claimed himself as a khunsa or hermaphrodite (of two kinds) to the Mutawiff.

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