Nurse brags on TikTok about not wearing the mask

A nurse in the oncology department at Salem Health Hospital in Orego, United States, bragged about not taking precautions against COVID-19 in a video she posted on TikTok.

The post, which has since been deleted, had the description: “When my co-workers find out that I always travel, that I don’t wear a mask when I go out and let my children play with other children” .

The only problem for the woman is that a copy of the video is still available online. Thanks to this, TikTok users were able to identify him and immediately notified his employer, reports the “New York Post”.

On Saturday morning, Salem Health Hospital thanked community members in a Facebook post, and said the nurse “has been suspended while an investigation is being carried out.”

“Yesterday, a nurse employed by Salem Health posted a video on social media in which she displayed her contempt for the seriousness of this pandemic and her indifference to social distancing and wearing a mask outside of work,” wrote the ‘hospital.

“Salem Health believes we must all do our part to protect the most vulnerable and reduce the spread of COVID. This includes the obligation on the part of our employees to follow public health recommendations regarding social distancing and the wearing of masks, ”we continue.

The employee’s name was not disclosed.

Many internet users have applauded the hospital’s decision. But they are also many to believe that she should have been fired on the spot.


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