nurse confesses that she lied in medical report

According to the Argentine nurse, the company that hired her forced her to put in the report that she had tried to do a vital sign check on Diego Maradona in the morning, but this was not left, reported Page 12.

The woman, however, He confessed to the Prosecutor’s Office that he did not perform any medical check-up and that he never entered the room of the world champion in Mexico 1986as he thought it best to let him rest.

“The two times she testified, under oath to tell the truth, she always recognized that she had never entered the room that morning,” said a judicial source in statements collected by this same medium.

Although investigations are still ongoing, The authorities indicated that the last person to see the former Argentine footballer alive was the nurse who gave Madrid his shift after he performed a check-upadded the form.

On the record, as Clarín learned, the health worker indicated that his shift ended at 6:30 a.m. on November 25, the day the ‘Pelusa’ died due to a cardiorespiratory arrest.

The nurse, likewise, He pointed out that before leaving the residence he checked Maradona and, by that time, “he had vital signs,” the newspaper concluded, which was the first medium to confirm the death of the Argentine star.

They denounce that Maradona was drunk in his own house, even stammering

Mariano Israelit, one of Diego’s closest friends in his last days, He claimed that the former player was intoxicated so that he could not receive his daughters. “At the third beer, he would start babbling and say: ‘Now what do I do? The girls are coming.’ And Charly ended by saying: ‘Well, should we open a wine?’ ”, precise.


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