Nurses in Nueva Esparta refuse to work without equipment

Nurses New Sparta
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A group of nurses and bioanalysts from Nueva Esparta denounced that do not have the necessary biosafety equipment to work without risking your health.

The staff warned that they will not provide their services until the Single Health Authority grants them the necessary equipment to protect themselves from covid-19.

Through a video, the nurses identified themselves as part of the staff of the Luis Ortega Hospital, located in Porlamar, New Sparta State. There they affirmed that they will remain outside the facilities until they are provided with the equipment they need.

“We are on our hands as we refuse to continue providing our services without our biosecurity team. We are not refusing to work but if they do not give us the material out here we will continue”, They stated.

They also denounced that in the health center there is no air conditioning, medical supplies, medicines or elevators to transfer the sick. “In what conditions are we working? We can’t go on like this. Either they give us a solution or we are definitely not going to work ”, they declared.

The group ends the video singing the motto “We want material.”

In another of the videos released, the nursing staff stated that they are making an effort to work under these conditions. However, they said that the hospital services are stopped because there are not enough people to receive and care for the sick.

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