Nursing and medicine sheets at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa

Medicine and nursing, the careers with the most demand at the UAS

The Autonomous University of SinaloaNorthern Regional Unit, offers the degrees in the career of general practitioner and nursing, which are the most defendants On the part of the applicants, however, the possibility of expanding the number of tokens that are issued is limited by other factors external to the directive, as reported by the Vice Chancellor of the northern zone, Lauro Cesar Parra Aceviz.

The vice-rector informed that the admission process is based on the clinical fields, that is, that the number of students What are they accepted It is directly related to the spaces where students can carry out their professional practices, such as hospitals and clinics.

«The admission process is based on the clinical fields, the clinical fields are the places where the boys do their internships, for example, if I receive 100 people, I have to ensure 100 spaces in hospitals, clinics for them to do their internships. professional or service there, so that they can experiment there, if I put 200 and there are only 100 clinical fields, then there will be young people without their practice, imagine a doctor who does not practice ».

reported that if the amount of students accepted increasepart of these students will not have a space to practice and this corresponds to an important part of studying those careers professionals for the institution.

He added that the rector’s indication is that there be 100% coverage for students and that in the specific case of the Health area It is practically impossible to control the spaces available to practice. Finally, he commented that it is likely that expansion plans for these two degrees will begin at the beginning of the year.

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