Nutritionist called foods high in vitamin D

The body can replenish its vitamin D stores not only from ultraviolet rays, but also from certain foods. On Friday, February 25, nutritionist Elena Voskresenskaya spoke about this in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The expert called vitamin D an important micronutrient that helps the body absorb phosphorus and calcium from food. Vitamin prevents the development of cancer, osteoporosis and prevents softening of bone tissue.

Approximately 90% of vitamin D in the human body is produced by ultraviolet rays. In Russia, summer does not last long. Vitamin has to be obtained from food.

“Wild salmon, herring, mackerel, sardine, chum salmon, pink salmon, halibut, cod liver, oysters, red and black caviar are excellent sources of the vitamin. Vitamin D can also be found in forest mushrooms that have been nourished by the sun. But mushrooms from the supermarket, unfortunately, almost do not contain this vitamin. Eggs, beef and pork liver, butter, goat milk, cottage cheese and cheese are also excellent sources, ”Voskresenskaya said.

The specialist indicated that vitamin D supports the immune and nervous systems. In addition, it regulates insulin levels.

“It must be said that a huge number of people are deficient in this vitamin and they need to pay attention to it,” the interlocutor of the publication summed up.

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