Nutritionist Ilyenko explained what happens to the body when we eat “Doshirak”

Dietary fiber per day should be at least 25-35 grams. Let’s say you really want to eat “Doshirak”. Then it needs to be “enriched” with other products. They do not need to be added to the noodles, they need to be consumed additionally to make up for the lack of dietary fiber.

So, add to one package of instant noodles:

  • half a cup of oat bran and half a cup of boiled lentils;

  • 6-8 pieces of dried apricots or dried prunes;

  • Apple or orange.

Only then will the dietary fiber subsidy be sufficient.

Despair food

And you need to understand that you cannot eat such food as instant noodles every day.

This is the food of despair. Force majeure food. She carries nothing but sufficient satiety.

Even if you go for expensive alternatives, there will probably be more valuable extracts inside, but the price of these supplements is not comparable to what we get in the end – fast carbs. They are akin to any candy, any cookie. Such a choice can never be compared with pearl barley porridge in terms of usefulness, with bulgur with vegetables, stewed buckwheat.

In general, any semi-finished products of this type do not carry value in terms of functional nutrition – products that improve our health. All this is ersatz food. It is impossible to get a good porridge, for example, from grains sealed in a plastic bag. These are products that are incomparable in quality than those that are prepared on their own. Refined foods are always harmful to our body.


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